Children's Programs

The Pfeiffer Center offers a variety of programs for children. We serve diverse communities and often bring together children who do not meet in other school or social settings. All our activities for children help build the future health of the earth by encouraging an attitude of reverence and joy toward nature and all its beings.

Neighbor to Neighbor

This afterschool program, a collaboration with Green Meadow Waldorf School, runs for sixteen weeks of each school year. It bridges diverse communities through experiences in nature, gardening, and social activities (games, projects, and conversation). Serving students from nearby public schools, the program fosters mentor/mentee relationships between middle school and high school students under the guidance of Pfeiffer Center gardener-educators, building a sense of community through guided experiences of the social and work realms.

The Outdoor Lesson

The Outdoor Lesson is an innovative environmental education program for children of all ages. Using a wide variety of age-appropriate gardening and other outdoor activities, the Outdoor Lesson brings children a heightened appreciation of the origins and contents of the foods we eat, and the connections between human labor and the food on our table.

Nature Place Day Camp

The Pfeiffer Center provides a rich variety of garden experiences for campers at The Nature Place, a non-competitive, nature-oriented day camp that operates from June through early August on the grounds of Green Meadow Waldorf School and the Threefold Educational Center campus.

Farm and Garden Days

For two weeks in August, Farm and Garden Days is digging potatoes, picking peas, milking cows, meeting workhorses, sheep and chickens, looking in on the honeybees, making pizza in an outdoor wood-fired clay oven, and more — with plenty of time for swims, exploring nearby woods and streams, art activities, music and games. A collaboration between The Nature Place and the Pfeiffer Center.

Green Meadow Waldorf School

The Pfeiffer Center provides gardening classes to Grades 6, 7 and 8 of Green Meadow Waldorf School, one of the oldest and largest Waldorf schools in the United States.


Many of our children's activities take place at Duryea Farm of the Fellowship Community. Click here to download a history of Duryea Farm (PDF).