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July 2017

Interns have always been the heart and soul of the Pfeiffer Center. Some come to us straight out of school, others after long careers. Some bring a longstanding interest in biodynamics or other aspects of anthroposophy. All of them come here to learn how to farm without depleting the Earth — and also to learn who they really are and how they can contribute to the world. For many, the Pfeiffer Center internship is the start down a life-changing path of self-discovery.

Dylan Jones joined us last winter. He read Rudolf Steiner’s Spiritual Foundations for the Renewal of Agriculture (the “Agriculture Course”) while farming on California’s Mendocino coast. Later on, while working at Live Power Community Farm in Covelo, CA, Dylan heard of the Pfeiffer Center internship. Today, his work as an intern gives him daily opportunities to learn everything about biodynamics and draft animal power on an intensive scale.

Courtney Ryan is a familiar face around the garden; she had already put in a year with us when we gladly “took her back” for a second summer. Originally from the west coast, Courtney’s lifelong love of horses and plants has served her well at the Pfeiffer Center. When our beloved draft horse Eva retired last year, it was Courtney who found Paris, Eva’s replacement.

Christian Nolan joined us in May. He was the Omega Institute’s full-time gardener when he first heard of biodynamics. Intrigued, his search for the best place to learn biodynamics led him to us, and now he’s happily embarked on a year of education and discovery.

Joining us later this summer are Hillary Sloss and Jeffrey Boyce. Hillary is a photographer turned Waldorf teacher who aspires to start up a biodynamic agrotourism farm. Jeffrey just completed our One-Year Training and is eager to immerse himself in gaining a deeper understanding of the workings of nature.

Unlike typical farm apprenticeships, our internship balances field work with formal study and classroom time. Our interns are encouraged to apply their unique capacities and interests to our developing farm individuality. In return, their labor and dedication make possible the Pfeiffer Center plant sale, farm stand, and CSA, the One-Year Training and our one-day workshops, and children’s programs like Neighbor to Neighbor and Farm and Garden Days.

Our internship program could not exist without the support of our faithful and generous donors. Thank you in advance for your donation this summer.

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