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February 2017

Dear Friend of the Pfeiffer Center,

Last month’s Midwinter Agriculture Intensive drew more than 40 biodynamic farmers and gardeners, teachers, artists, and practitioners of the healing arts to the Pfeiffer Center for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend.

Offered every January since 2009, the Intensive was conceived as an opportunity to investigate one aspect of Rudolf Steiner’s Spiritual Foundations for the Renewal of Agriculture (often called the “Agriculture Course”) over a long weekend of study and fellowship.

The 2017 intensive delved into nettle and valerian. Why did Rudolf Steiner single out these seemingly humble plants (along with dandelion, yarrow, chamomile and oak bark) for his biodynamic preparations, homeopathic medicines for the earth? And what gives nettle and valerian their powerful healing properties when applied to human beings? To help us find answers, Mac Mead and Megan Durney were joined by Harald Hoven of Raphael Garden in California, healing plants expert Jean-David Derreumaux, Deb Soule of herbal apothecary Avena Botanicals, and anthroposophical physician Steven Johnson of the Fellowship Community.

Our teachers led us through Goethean plant observation exercises, in-depth examinations of nettle and valerian as medicinal plants and as biodynamic prep plants, and talks on the workings of the elemental beings. On Saturday night, we took in a dazzling performance by the Eurythmy Spring Valley Ensemble, and every day we enjoyed meals and conversation at Threefold Café.

Two attendees, both former Pfeiffer Center interns who now farm full time, told us how important it was for them to leave their solitary farming lives to study and share experiences with like-minded new friends. Needless to say, we are extremely proud to have helped them get their start, and to be providing their continuing education.

Our internships, workshops, One-Year Part-Time Training, and CSA are helping to create the agriculture of tomorrow by training new farmers while feeding our neighbors.

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