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October 2017

Autumn greetings! Our busy summer of raising vegetables, serving our CSA and farm stand, and two weeks of Farm & Garden Days got us to thinking about all the people whose lives touch the Pfeiffer Center. So we asked some friends: “What does the Pfeiffer Center mean to you?”

Scott Dunn, Nature Place Director of Programming: “For me, working closely with The Pfeiffer Center is nothing short of inspirational. The far-reaching importance of creating a conscious, sustainable, biodynamic agricultural model for our society cannot be overstated. The educational programming the Pfeiffer Center offers adults and children deeply impacts their lives and helps shift the world in a positive direction.”

A CSA shareholder: “I feel so blessed by this food and you guys working the farm. . . . I take comfort in knowing that the Pfeiffer Center is training biodynamic farmers — one of the most important paths to a sustainable world.”

A faithful friend, volunteer and donor wrote: “The Pfeiffer Center is a healing oasis. . . . I am at home as I lay on the garden grass, remembering good and true things . . . like how blessed I am to have the Pfeiffer Center in my life.”

A 12-year-old Farm & Garden Days camper told us: “I feel safe there, like the garden is protecting me.”

Daniel Bieber, Nature Place Director-at-Large: “To me the Pfeiffer Center is the living, growing, quiet heart of our community. It's sometimes easy to just assume there always was and will be extensive gardens and fields, full of vegetables and herbs, blessing the land where I live. But this is not the case! This cultivated land, subtly bridging the wild of nature and the culture of people, takes tremendous work to keep up.”

It delights us to enrich the lives of our friends and neighbors, but we never forget our true task in life: To bring biodynamics to life in the entire world. Our programs touch individuals from all walks of life in a richly diverse corner of New York City’s suburbs. Nearly 100 interns who spent a year working and studying with us are applying what they learned at the Pfeiffer Center all over the country. Every day, more than 980 alums of our One-Year Training and 300 Midwinter Intensive attendees are applying the wisdom and values of spiritual science in their daily work.

Please give a gift to the Pfeiffer Center today, and know that every dollar donated directly supports our educational programs. Thank you in advance for your support!

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