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February 2018

“We don’t just know this stuff,” Mac Mead said at the January Agriculture Intensive. Speaking for himself and All-Star faculty Jean-David Derreaumaux, Megan Durney, Harald Hoven, Steven Johnson, and Deb Soule, Mac reminded us all that organizing the Intensive is itself a huge research project for the presenters.

In a later session, Harald observed that the biodynamic preparations are all about relationships: among the plants; between plants, animals and human beings; among the seasons; among the elements. To find a personal relationship with this rich and complex realm, we must engage and develop every sense and faculty at our disposal.

And even then, we can’t do it alone. We need companions on the path. More than 45 people attended the Intensive, and many of them told us that they came in part to meet people — to find new friends who share their interest in uncovering and understanding the hidden forces that shape and create the sense-perceptible world.

And in case you’re wondering, they are not doing this work out of mere curiosity. Like us, they firmly believe that a safe and healthy future for our life on Earth depends on humanity finding a new relationship with the natural world. Biodynamic agriculture represents a path to that right relationship, but only if we work with it diligently, with all our hearts.

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