A New Agricultural Initiative

Threefold Educational Foundation’s Pfeiffer Center and The Fellowship Community’s Duryea Farm have combined farming and educational activities in a new cooperative endeavor, creating a mutually supportive association of work and community.

The “new” farm includes nine acres under cultivation, almost 39 acres of pasture and hay, Rockland County’s only cows and dairy, two draft horses, and a small apiary. Our Farm Leadership Team – Megan Durney and Kim Pace, mentored by Mac Mead – are working daily to develop a biodynamic farm individuality in our suburban setting: caring for the land, feeding our neighbors, enriching community life, and offering educational opportunities to all ages and interests.

Each season, our produce and dairy products supply the Fellowship Community’s 130 members and co-workers, a 30-share CSA, and a weekly Farm Stand, as well as patrons of Threefold Café and the Hungry Hollow Co-op. Hundreds of children join in farm tasks with the Nature Place Day Camp and Farm & Garden Days. Chestnut Ridge Middle School students visit the farm with the Neighbor to Neighbor after-school program; children from Green Meadow Waldorf School experience their third-grade farm block with us, and Otto Specht School students raise winter greens in one of our greenhouses.

Duryea Farm, Molina Field, and the Pfeiffer Center garden are classrooms for adult learners who come here for internships, our One-Year Part-Time Training in Biodynamics, one-day workshops, and our midwinter Agriculture Intensive.

Looking ahead, we aspire to create new and expanded educational programs for adults and children; to grow more produce for an expanded CSA and farm stand; to deliver our milk in reusable glass bottles; to offer more products made from our healing plants and more honey from our apiary.

You can learn more about our present programs and our future dreams on the pages of this website. If you have questions, or want to get involved, please contact us. We look forward to meeting you!

About the Fellowship Community

Founded in 1966, the Fellowship Community is a work-based intergenerational community centered on the care of the elderly. Approximately 130 elder members, co-workers, and their children live together in a rural farm setting just 30 miles northwest of New York City. From its beginnings, the Fellowship Community had gardens; its members were committed to growing as much of their own food as possible, and to being good stewards of their land. So naturally they were delighted when in 1997 John Duryea offered them the opportunity to buy Duryea Farm and keep its original 33 acres intact and under cultivation.

About Threefold Educational Foundation

Chartered in 1965, and directly descended from an anthroposophical community that began in 1926, Threefold Educational Foundation supports a living community of practical work inspired by the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. The Foundation is the steward of the land, buildings and facilities that comprise a large part of the Threefold community’s physical setting, and it serves as the legal and fiscal umbrella for institutions including the Pfeiffer Center, Green Meadow Waldorf School, the Otto Specht School, Eurythmy Spring Valley, the Fiber Craft Studio, and more.