Duryea Farm Dairy

Duryea Farm Dairy is the last remaining dairy herd in Rockland County, NY, a formerly agricultural district that today makes up part of the northern suburbs of New York City. Besides fresh milk and yogurt, we provide our neighbors a powerful living reminder of our area’s agrarian heritage.

In addition, the dairy cow is central to the theory and practice of the biodynamic method of agriculture and land care. To have a dairy herd within our farm profoundly enhances our work as a training center and thought leader in biodynamics.

Our dairy work includes sales of raw milk to our neighbors; sales of pasteurized milk and yogurt to Threefold Café and retail customers at the Hungry Hollow Co-op and the Fellowship Community’s Hand & Hoe; provision of milk, yogurt, and beef to the residents of the Fellowship Community; sales of beef and heifer calves; and provision of essential fertility (manure) to our biodynamic farm operation.