The Pfeiffer Center and its farming collaboration with The Fellowship Community offer a three-month Summer Farm Internship and a nine-month Extended Farm Internship.

Successful completion of the Summer Farm Internship is a prerequisite to be considered for the Extended Farm Internship. Together, the two internships offer a complete farming experience, from planning to planting to harvest, at a busy, diversified, community-based biodynamic farm.

About Our Farm

Based upon the three pillars of education, care of the land, and agricultural production in service to the community, our farm has nine acres under cultivation, 39 acres of pasture and hay, the only dairy herd in Rockland County, NY, a team of draft horses, and an apiary, all centered in a community of people and institutions working from the insights of Rudolf Steiner.

Our produce and dairy products supply the Fellowship Community’s 150 members and co-workers, a 30-share CSA, and local outlets such as Threefold Café and the Hungry Hollow Co-op.

The Pfeiffer Center’s educational programs for adults include the One-Year Part-Time Training in Biodynamics and one-day workshops.

Along with milk and produce, our farm provides our community with a rich festival life and opportunities to be involved in the life and work of the farm. Our biodynamic land-care practices foster a farm individuality that can receive wisdom and guidance from the biodynamic preparations, trace substances and vital forces from the air and soil, cosmic influences, and the activity of the elemental beings.

Summer Farm Internship

Expectations and Qualifications

As an intern, you will have the opportunity to learn:

• The principles and practices of the biodynamic method of agriculture and land care;

• Market-garden and field-scale vegetable production;

• Cow care and milking;

• Handling and distribution of raw milk;

• Pasture management;

• Horse care;

• Greenhouse care;

• Composting techniques;

• Healthy soil regeneration methods using compost application, crop rotation, cover cropping, and weed management;

• Plant pest and disease management;

• Succession planning for fresh vegetables throughout the growing season;

• Food processing for winter storage;

• Apiary observation;

• Building relationships with elders and coworkers through working, meal sharing, and festival life.

As an intern, you will be expected to:

• Arrive on time, ready to work, and prepared for changes in weather conditions;

• Be able and open to learning from mentor farmers, staff members, other learners, animals, plants, the land, your own mistakes, and the mistakes of others;

• Share and communicate your knowledge and understanding;

• Communicate your learning needs and personal needs clearly and compassionately, and hear and take into account the needs of others;

• Be able to bend, crouch, sit, walk, run, stand for long periods of time, and lift at least 50 pounds;

• Be able and willing to work with children (in the presence of teachers or camp counselors) and volunteers;

• Farm in the context of an intergenerational elder care community.

Timeframe and Work Hours

The Summer Internship runs from June 1 through the end of August. Working hours are Monday-Friday, 7:00am-12:30pm and 2:00-5:00pm, plus weekend chore rotations.


Summer Interns receive a stipend of $400 per month, a room in Holder House, a 40-room student dormitory on Threefold’s campus, and produce from the farm.


The Pfeiffer Center is a Participating Mentor Farm in the Biodynamic Association’s Farmer Training Program.


Our farm is embedded in a community of elders at the Fellowship Community and is tightly woven into the school communities of Otto Specht School and Green Meadow Waldorf School. In order to protect the vulnerable communities we serve, all farm Staff and Interns are required to show proof of full vaccination as indicated by the CDC or submit proof of weekly negative PCR test. Testing is available on site. Covid protocols and precautions follow current CDC guidelines and are subject to change.

Application Process

An application form and an interview (in person or by phone) are required. A work-along visit may be requested. Applicants who accept an internship offer are required to submit a medical form signed by their physician.

For more information about the internship or the application process, please call 845-352-5020 x120, or email

Applications for the 2022 will be open until March 15th.


Extended Farm Internship

The Extended Farm Internship is for interns who have successfully completed the Summer Farm Internship and would like to continue their education on our diversified, community-based biodynamic farm and dairy through all the seasonal shifts. Our educational approach focuses on learning experiences that train the head, heart, and hands to cultivate relationships with the soil, plants, animals, and each other in order to steward and learn from the land.


The Extended Internship runs from September 1 through the end of May.


Interns in the Extended Farm Internship receive a stipend of $1,000 per month, a room in Holder House, a 40-room student dormitory on Threefold’s campus, produce from the farm, as well as enrollment in our One Year Practical Training in Biodynamics and all one-day workshops. Attendance in the One Year course is mandatory as part of your studies of Biodynamics.

Application Process

Application for the Extended Farm Internship is by invitation. Successful completion of the Summer Farm Internship is a prerequisite.