One-Year Part-Time Training in Biodynamics

A Scientific and Spiritual Approach to Farming and Gardening

Biodynamics is a form of organic agriculture that acknowledges and works with both the seen and unseen forces that influence the farmscape, enhancing good stewardship practices such as building soil health and vitality through composting, cover-cropping, and crop rotation. The ideal biodynamic farm generates all the substances and forces it needs to build up and maintain a continuously improving, fertile environment.

Biodynamics is much more than a method. It is a well-reasoned spiritual approach to plant and land care that combines innovative techniques of building up healthy soil with a renewed sensitivity to all the workings of nature on the farm: among and between the soil, plants, animals, and humans — even the very cosmos.

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Certificate and Credit Information

A certificate of completion is awarded upon completion of all sessions and a project.

Participants in this course are eligible for workshop participation credit in the Biodynamic Farmer Foundation Year program of the Biodynamic Association.

The Pfeiffer Center cooperates with colleges and universities offering credit for internship programs or work on special projects. It is the responsibility of the student to secure credit from the college.