Assistant Farm Manager

Tasks and Responsibilities

The Pfeiffer Center, located just forty-five minutes from NYC in Chestnut Ridge, New York, has been a benchmark in Biodynamic Farmer training for over two decades, providing internships, adult classes and enrichment for school children while providing top quality produce for a small CSA, a weekly farm stand, the local Co-op and a neighborhood café. For the last three growing seasons we have collaborated with Duryea Farm at the Fellowship Community, an intergenerational community centered around the care of the elderly, to expand our growing capacity to 9 acres of diverse vegetable and cover crop rotation and 35 plus acres of hay and pasture, allowing us to include field-scale tractor work, a more robust draft program, and the only dairy herd and raw milk creamery in Rockland County into our educational and community offerings.

What we’re looking for

With the expansion of our farm, we are looking to expand our team as well. We seek an assistant farm manager with 3-5 years experience in regenerative agriculture. The ideal candidate has experience in Biodynamic farming, can teach out of their studies and experiences as well as learn from others, is socially minded, highly organized, can work collaboratively with the leadership team to make decisions about daily work and long term planning, can take on leadership in areas of proficiency and be responsive and open to feedback.


Some areas you may assist with or be responsible for include:

  • Working collaboratively to create an annual farm plan map and planting calendar
  • Ensuring proper resting and rotations to support regenerative soil building practices
  • Managing rhythmical applications of the Biodynamic preparations
  • Managing greenhouses
  • Managing field operations with hand, draft and tractor work.
  • Managing Seed Saving endeavor
  • Coordinating equipment repair and maintenance
  • Overseeing herb and flower production and Herbal product making
  • Managing customer relationships and distribution of produce
  • Organizing weekly planning meeting with farm team to discuss current needs of farm and dairy
  • Creating weekly/daily task sheet outlining prioritized needs
  • Assigning and communicating daily work assignments with farm team
  • Assisting with animal care and draft work
  • Coordinating volunteer work
  • Record keeping
  • Collaboratively Managing all aspects of the farm using Biodynamics as a foundation


Schedule: Full Time, Mon-Fri Hours vary by season, also includes weekend chores rotation, workshops, and events.

Salary: $33,000-$38,000/year, commensurate with experience. Eligible for sponsored housing

To apply for this position, please send your cover letter and resume to

No phone calls please.

How to Apply

To apply for this position, email your resume and a brief statement of interest to

No phone calls please.