The human being, who guides and directs the beginning, the course and the end of the natural growth process, is the strongest force of nature. His capacity is the final decisive factor.

Pfeiffer Center Updates

Spring Workshops Saturday, March 28: Beginning a Vegetable Garden with Mac Mead. Friday, April 24: Conscious Beekeeping Half-Day Beginners Class. Saturday, April 25: Conscious Beekeeping: Practical Organic Approaches for Healthy Bees and Growing Apiaries with Bill Day.

Annual Plant Sale The Pfeiffer Center's Annual Plant Sale is May 15, 16 and 17. Don't miss this opportunity to buy beautiful, healthy, biodynamically raised bedding plants for your garden. All proceeds benefit the Pfeiffer Center's programs. Details here.

Winter Appeal Catch up with our December newsletter, and take a moment to support the work of the Pfeiffer Center. Thank you!